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Welcome to The Station Belleville! We're back with a new location, new website and new booking procedure.

Here are some key features that you'll want to learn more about.


  • Visit the Register Page to learn the new booking procedure.
  • Scroll to the bottom of any page and sign up to our newsletter.
  • Get familiar with our COVID Policies on this page.
  • See all of our available programs at the Booking link on the home page (RED).
  • You can see Double'00' programs at the Booking link in the Double'00' section (GREEN).
  • Book yourself into Q-Bot events and classes at the Booking link in the Q-BOT section (ORANGE).


If you have any questions please use the contact page, or call us at The Station Belleville.

***NOTE: Bookings must be cancelled at least 24hrs in advance.  Those that arrive onsite and have any COVID19 symptoms will not be permitted in and will not be refunded (this includes group events).