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Too many people underestimate the power of just moving their body more, exercise doesn't have to take place in a gym picking things up and putting them down again. The word exercise should inspire and excite, but it saddens us to say that for some, the word exercise creates distaste.

Moving the body can be fun for everyone, you just have to find what you enjoy. If you're interested in trying something different or even just adding movement into your current training regime then the QBOT space located in "The Station" is just the place for you.


Our space is dedicated to movement and we welcome all styles including freerunning, rock climbing, tricking, capoeira, dance, animal flow and so much more. If you're new and don't know where to start then have a look at our schedule and see if one of the classes we offer might be something you'd like to try.

Movement plays a huge role in physical and mental development because there is improvement during every session, no matter how minor. Accomplishing things you once thought impossible, breaking the fear associated with a skill or even just recognizing that you are improving over time can be huge and even begin to influence your everyday life. Confidence in yourself in the gym becomes confidence in yourself outside the gym and that's what we hope to help everyone who comes through our doors to find.










Quinte-Belleville Obstacle Training (Q-BOT) provides an enriched environment that helps students challenge themselves and overcome fears. Founded in 2017, on Canada's 150th birthday, our facility allows children to get active and expand upon their physical abilities.



Located on Dundas St. E in Belleville - we make adventure easy to find. If you are eager to learn, we have staff eager to teach. Join the Q-BOT team!