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The Breakdown


Our missions begin with a briefing; where the agents receive their assignment straight from the Double '00' Chief!


Then they are sent off to three sections for their training; Uncovering clues along the way.  They use their training skills (drama/disguise, gadgetry, ninja) to take down the villian before they wreak havoc in Quinte area!




img disguise


Drama and Disguise


Here the agents will learn what makes up an identity; and what makes all of us unique.


Down to the way we walk and the way we speak! After all, being a spy involves having many aliases.




img disguise


Gadget & Science Lab

(Tools & Technology)


In the Laboratory, we experiment and explore!


From baking soda bombs to security cameras - it's up to us to figure out what makes things work.
(...and go BOOM!)




img disguise




In our Ninja Dojo, there are a million ways to stay fit!  After all, our agents have to be prepared for anything.


Depending on the mission we may have: obstacle course training, martial arts training, reflex discipline, or all 3!