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Double '00'  is an elite organization of Belleville's very own best junior spies, trained to stop villains and defend justice! Whether we’re cracking codes, building gadgets, ninja training, or becoming masters of disguise - our junior agents find new ways every day to build spirit  and imagination. After all, someone has to keep the streets of Belleville safe! Why not you?

What our programs offer is a completely immersive interactive experience, taking kids through simulated spy-themed missions and training exercises. Specifically engineered to aid in the development of self-confidence, problem solving skills, and self defense. Double '00' is where all the best spies go!












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Our spy school is convienently located in Belleville's coolest new kids club; The Station. The station offers a variety of programs and events, and we're always looking to expand our team. Find out how you can join The Station Squad by visiting The Station Belleville website today!



Our spy programs are available for children ages 5-12.












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